Nature in Ink

Some wonderful ink creations from members of the Nature Artists’ Guild –

Please click on an image for the full version and the artist’s name. There is still more than half of a month left for Nature Artists’ Guild members to share their ink artwork on this website. Images can be sent to Denise Fisk, whose e-mail address can be found in the Nature Artists’ Guild Yearbook.

Creations for this website can be sketches, finished pieces, or even doodles, preferably inspired by nature. Daily ink practice, though, can be done on any subject and having a list or selection ready to choose from can remove one of the largest obstacles to getting started. You may decide to sketch one small item for fifteen minutes each day while having coffee.  Adding watercolor or colored inks for one week might provide inspiration. Is there a crow quill pen and a bottle of ink ready to dust off and try working with again?

Drawing in ink is an excellent way to quickly improve drawing skills. There is no easy process for making corrections, so concentration and planning are essential, and mindfulness may come along naturally during the process.  Each sketch or drawing, even when “unsuccessful”, will impart a valuable lesson for future efforts.

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