Autumn 2022 Featured Artist Alice Wych

Oak leaf, copyright Alice Wych

My artistic journey started with my first Venus Paradise 24 Colored Pencil set and I spent many youthful years blissfully coloring and drawing. I earned a minor in art at DePaul University, but worked professionally as a librarian for a short time. Even while raising two sons, I always had my hands in art, whether it was making homemade cards/signs or creating original cross stitch designs.

As a longtime member of the Morton Arboretum, I became interested in its Botanical Art program and after a few years received my certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration in 2014.

My preferred medium is still colored pencil, although I now own quite a few more pencils than the 24 of my childhood. By converting a spare room into a makeshift art studio, I now have space to enjoy pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic. Recently I have been experimenting with combining my love of cross stitch with acrylic painting. Frequently, a mixed media creation will evolve with added beads, metallic threads and other found objects. I only need to look to nature as a source for an infinite number of colors, lines and shapes.

It is truly an honor and humbling experience to be named the Featured Artist of the Autumn 2022 Exhibit. The Nature Artists’ Guild members have been an endless source of encouragement and expert constructive criticism. Interactions with my fellow artists has challenged me to try new techniques or media. What at first may seem like a mistake, can turn into an unexpected masterpiece. I feel blessed to be able to create artwork for the enjoyment of others and to encourage my grandchildren to explore their artistic talents.

Alice Wych
Imposing Irises, copyright Alice Wych
Wild violet, copyright Alice Wych
Sign of Spring, copyright Alice Wych
Douglas fir pinecone, copyright Alice Wych
Red-tailed Hawk, copyright Alice Wych

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