Jill Adzia, Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021 Nature Artists’ Guild Featured Artist Jill Adzia 

2020 Spring Nature Artists’ Guild Featured Artist Jill Adzia

Blending art and nature study, my art journey began at a young age with the encouragement from my artistic mother, Ruth.  She was my first teacher in nature and art and never missed an opportunity to teach me about trees, flowers and birds and how to draw them.  Our family spent many hours outdoors in Southern Indiana appreciating nature’s beauty.

Sandhill Cranes, copyright Jill Adzia
Sandhill Cranes, copyright Jill Adzia

After studies at Indiana University, I was on to an airline career. While traveling with my husband, Dan, my interest in art continued.  This lead me to writing and illustrating a personal development book, The View of You for Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Cecropia Moth, scrachboard with ink, copyright Jill Adzia
Cecropia Moth, scrachboard with ink, copyright Jill Adzia

In 2001, I received a certification from the Morton Arboretum in Botanical Art and Illustration.  This three-year study program had a curriculum in art classes, scientific study and outdoor tree and plant identification.  At that time, “scratchboard technique,” which is a form of engraving on a black board, became my special interest.  I often add colored ink or liquid acrylic to the art piece.

Great Horned Owl, scrachboard with ink, copyright Jill Adzia
Great Horned Owl, scrachboard with ink, copyright Jill Adzia

Joining the Nature Artists’ Guild in 2005, I served as President for two years, and continue to be active in the Guild.  Exhibiting in the Guild shows and outside exhibits, I frequently, instruct art classes, do demonstrations, and present programs to local groups.  Teaching art and training new teachers for Young Rembrandts aafter-school enrichment program was a rewarding experience.  Helping young artists develop their creativity was a gratifying experience.

Thistle, copyright Jill Adzia

My Holiday card collection began in 2003.  Each year, I create an art piece that many collect.  From Illinois, Texas, New York, to California.  I also have a special “Card Gallery” in Normandy, France.  It gives me pleasure to know others enjoy an original greeting!

As my journey continues, I send a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful friends and dear family who continually inspire, encourage and support me in life and on my art journey.  Also, THANK YOU to the Nature Artists’ Guild of the Morton Arboretum for this honor and opportunity to be “Spring Featured Artist, 2020.”

Pileated Woodpecker, copyright Jill Adzia
Screech Owl Chick, copyright Jill Adzia

9 thoughts on “Jill Adzia, Autumn 2021

  1. and again we are amazed about this wonderful paintings Jill just exposed. It shows a lot of joy and love and happiness. A big thank you from Europe to Jill for these works. We enjoy it so much!!

  2. Jill and my husband share a love of nature… his with photography and Jill with her amazing art. Her work is truly beautiful … so detailed that her subjects seem to come to life. She is also one of my favorite people!

  3. So proud to see my beautiful aunt being recognized for her love of Nature! She is a fantastic artist and an absolute appreciation for nature handed down by her mother to her entire family. Much Love

  4. Beautiful artwork done by a beautiful person. You can certainly see the love of nature in all of Jill’s works. It’s a pleasure to call her a lifelong friend!

  5. I am always rewarded with learning new plant identifications when I walk the prairie paths with my dear friend, Jill. What an amazing talent. Her dedication to the perfection of her art is inspiring. She, as her art work, are treasures worth keeping.

  6. This art is just wonderful. We are so happy and proud to have copies here in France, in Paris and in the Normandy.

    The colors, the subjects and they way of painting reflects and mirrors love in a wonderful world.

    Thank you so much to share this with us!!

    Elke and Gî

  7. What beautiful work. Nature through your eyes is a special gift. All the detail in your work is amazing. Love your cards. Look forward to seeing more of your work on exhibit. Such talent!!!

  8. It is my joy to know Jill. A person who has art in her soul. A person who has helped me see the beauty in nature.

  9. These are simply beautiful. What special insight into how Mother Nature appeals to Jill. A very gifted talent indeed! Thank you for posting this.

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