Nancy Wu, Spring 2017

The Nature Artists’ Guild’s Spring 2017 Exhibition Featured Artist, Nancy Wu

Nature Artists’ Guild 2017 Spring Exhibit Featured Artist, Nancy Wu

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and came to the United States in 1975. I received my education in Ohio, and was an accounting software programmer for 25 years. I have been a Woodridge resident since 2002, am currently a member of The Nature Artists’ Guild.

I started taking drawing/painting classes at Morton Arboretum after my retirement; most of my work is inspired from nature subjects and is done in graphite and charcoal, my favorite mediums.   From practicing Chinese calligraphy, I also developed interest in ink drawing with the use of Chinese brushes and nibs.  My most recent challenge is adding color to my art work.

Copyright Nancy Wu

I try to capture unique lines, patterns, and forms of objects in nature, and use various mediums to depict their everlasting beauty from unique perspective. Nature provides endless resource of inspiration for me.  Withered leaves tell seasoned stories; a struggling new growth brings hope and perseverance; a half-opened bud stands to reveal mystery within.  I wish my drawings and paintings encourage viewers to slow down your steps, close your eyes and listen-open your eyes to observe, and uncover what nature is conveying to you in its subtle way.  Miracles in nature are within the short reach of us all, I hope that my art work stirs up your sensitivities and expands your imagination.

Copyright Nancy Wu
Copyright Nancy Wu

I deeply appreciated the Guild for giving me this opportunity to exhibit my art work. Many thanks go to my teachers at the Arboretum, and my fellow artist friends; they are the most generous people in sharing artistic skills and giving valuable critiques. Last but not least; I thank my family for their continuous support and encouragement, for giving me space to orbit the art universe with great freedom.

Magnolia, copyright Nancy Wu

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