Bulky, the Sonoran Desert Toad, Would Like A Word

Sonoran Desert Toad – Bulky, copyright Jane Kellenberger

Maybe Bulky, the Sonoran Desert Toad, can inspire members of the Nature Artists’ Guild who aren’t already participating in Inktober®2020 to join in! One or two images per week can be shared by each member in future posts on this website.  All the details for participating are in an e-mail sent to members last month.

Those who don’t wish to share their ink creations online can just show them to a friend, family member (not sure if pets are included), or hang them in the window for passers-by.  Sketching, drawing, or even painting in ink and sharing the results is an excellent way to improve skills, learn new techniques, enjoy the creative process, and as in Bulky’s case, spread some smiles.

Inktober is a registered trademark of J.P. Creative, LLC. Used with permission.

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