It All Came Together in a Wonderful Way

The weather could hardly have been nicer, the grounds were in glorious bloom, the exhibit was beautiful, and the visitors were plentiful.  The 2017 Spring Exhibition of Natural History Art at The Morton Arboretum last weekend was, by all accounts, an outstanding success.

So much effort went into every detail that isn’t surprising that it all came together in such a wonderful way.  Congratulations and thank you to all who contributed in so many ways, both large and small.

Congratulations also to Featured Artist Nancy Wu, whose display of work was breathtaking, and to Luciana Peters, whose special exhibit on Friday evening was such an added joy.

Finally, congratulations to whoever convinced that happy little unseen but tirelessly exuberant bird to welcome visitors at the beginning of the walkway. (Thanks to the finely-tuned birding ear of Carol Cooley for identifying our tiny greeter as a White-throated Sparrow.)

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2017 Nature Artists’ Guild Spring Exhibit Featured Artist Nancy Wu
2017 Nature Artists’ Guild Exhibit Co-Chairpersons Patty Koenigsaecker and Mary Sinclair

4 thoughts on “It All Came Together in a Wonderful Way

  1. Mary and Patty are truly amazing…Everything was so perfect. Nancy’s work was amazing…NO SURPRISE! Eva Holy was the hostess with the mostest…Thanks to Rita Hassert for her welcome and help orchestrating Luciana Peters’ retrospective on Friday night. There is not a nicer more talented group of nature artists out there. Denise, thanks for keeping us all up to date! Evelyn, thanks for the beautiful posters and program.

  2. A very nice exhibit, a great way to usher in spring. It would be nice to know before the exhibit which demonstrations and their times were available.

  3. Mary and Patty did a FABULOUS job putting on this exhibit. Now we just have to solve the side wall hanging problems (paintings hanging out away from wall; no light on them), AND the nasty parking problems, AND the lack of publicity by the Arboretum in their spring brochure of activities. The obstacles did not prevent a beautiful show, with hundreds of guests! Congrats!

  4. Thank you Denise! For such a swift and feel-good followup to this weekend’s exhibit. You REALLY do a nice job with the site and your posts. 👍 ~ Mary

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