Featured Artist Susan Bartlett

The Nature Artists’ Guild’s Spring 2018 Exhibition Featured Artist, Susan Bartlett

Susan Bartlett in her studio.

I am humbled and excited to be the featured artist for the spring exhibit.  I discovered the Nature Artists’ guild while attending the botanical art certificate program.  Viewing a guild art show, I was in awe of the talent exhibited.  At that time, I was terrified of blank paper much less creating a piece of art to exhibit. It was through the warmth and encouragement of members, teachers and fellow students that my art developed and I felt confident enough to exhibit a piece of art. It was and continues to be a wonderful group of people that inspire and support me through sharing their art and methods. Their influence  helps me to continue to explore and develop my art.  For these reasons, I am deeply grateful.  Thank you!

I work mainly in graphite, colored pencil and botanical collage.  Through my art, I love to play with the transparency of light and the drama of shadow.  I look for details that are not obvious and have interesting textures.  In my colored pieces, I dive into the depths of a single color to bring forth delicate shades and vibrant hues.  It is with experimentation that I accomplish this through a single mark, blending colors or multiple layers of papers.  

Through my art, I aspire to show everyone a glimpse of what I see and feel in my connection with nature.  

Copyright Susan Bartlett

Copyright Susan Bartlett

Copyright Susan Bartlett

Copyright Susan Bartlett

5 thoughts on “Featured Artist Susan Bartlett

  1. Susan’s work is beautiful, and especially amazing when one sees the actual artwork up close where the layering of the paper is evident. Taking a few steps back, allowing her overlapping transparent layers of colorful shapes to create her composition, is a magical moment! One would swear there must be light coming from behind as if her work is stained glass. I’m looking forward to this show.

  2. I always like seeing artists at work in their studios. it was so nice to be in class with you again to see what you are working on. You are a master in both colored pencil and collage!

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