Join Us Before January 20, 2014 for a Wonderful Exhibit Opportunity

Here is a little extra incentive for those who have been considering joining us, but haven’t quite gotten around to doing so.   If you send in your membership dues to the Nature Artists’ Guild by January 20, 2014, you will be eligible to receive a prospectus for participation in our Spring Exhibit.

Our Spring Exhibit will take place from April 4 to April 6, 2014, coinciding with the arrival of many of The Morton Arboretum’s spring blooms!  Just think of all those winter-weary visitors that will be eager to get a glimpse of green, both outdoors on the Arboretum grounds, and indoors at our wonderful exhibit of Nature Art.  Our Nature Artists’ Guild three-day exhibits at The Morton Arboretum normally attract nearly 1000 art and nature-loving visitors.

Of course, your Nature Artists’ Guild membership will also be your ticket to our programs, paint-outs, participation in exhibits (including a new group exhibit at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum this summer) and holiday party.  You will also receive our publication, The Nature Artists’ Quarterly, which features member artwork as well as announcements and articles about Nature Art.  Please click on the following link to view the Nature Artists’ Guild membership application.

The Nature Artists’ Guild board has been busy planning, scheduling and preparing for a busy (and fun) year – check back here soon for more details.

We look forward to meeting you!

2 thoughts on “Join Us Before January 20, 2014 for a Wonderful Exhibit Opportunity

  1. I am sure it saved the volunteer some time to just mail a blanket email. I appreciate the reminder. Thanks.

  2. I think it’s weird to send this to people who paid back in Sept. or Oct. Can’t you separate paid members from non-members by this time of the year? Marilyn


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