Registration for Nature Artists’ Guild’s 2023 Exhibit at McCord Gallery

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Please complete the following form by May 24, 2023 to register for the Nature Artists’ Guild’s special exhibit at the McCord Gallery & Cultural Center from June 10 through July 7, 2023. (Your information will not appear on the website.) If you prefer to register by mail, follow the directions on the prospectus and do not complete this form.

  • Click on this link to review the prospectus.
  • Make sure to type your name and artwork titles exactly as they should appear on labels, including correct capitalization.
  • After submitting the registration you will see a confirmation screen with your information. Use Ctrl P or Cmd P to print or download a copy for your records.
  • There is no fee to participate in this exhibit.
  • All artwork that has not been previously included in a Nature Artists’ Guild exhibit at The Morton Arboretum must go through an approval process. An image of the artwork (including frame, if any) must be emailed to Maggie Mardis within two days of submitting this form.
  • Further questions or comments can be emailed directly to Gary Chipman or Cheryl Holz (their email addresses are on the prospectus).

Important – After completion, click on the button at the bottom of the page to submit your registration information to Special Exhibit Co-Chairs Gary Chipman and Cheryl Holz.

Registration Form

Wall-hung Artwork

First wall-hung artwork

Second wall-hung artwork

Bin Artwork

First bin artwork

Second bin artwork

By clicking on the button to submit this form you are agreeing that you understand and accept the exhibition procedures, requirements and waiver of liability outlined in the Nature Artists’ Guild’s prospectus for the 2023 McCord Gallery special exhibit.