Wine and Art Walk at The Morton Arboretum, August 19 and 20, 2017

The Morton Arboretum will be hosting their annual Wine and Art Walk on August 19 and 20, 2017 between 11 am and 5 pm.

Enjoy live music, sip wine, and shop for art as you stroll around Meadow Lake.

Browse this juried art show featuring  Midwest artists. The art show is free with Arboretum admission; there is a fee for the wine and other beverages.

This year, the Nature Artists’ Guild will have a presence inside the Visitor Center as members share their expertise in various media and answer questions about the Guild.  All visitors to The Morton Arboretum and the Wine and Art Walk are invited to stop by and learn more about the Nature Artists’ Guild and observe some of our members in the process of creating nature art.

Nature Artists’ Guild members can contact Linn Eldred or Gary Chipman to check on the availability of opportunities to volunteer for this event.  Linn and Gary’s contact information can be found in the Nature Artists’ Guild Yearbook.

Wine and Art Walk at The Morton Arboretum. Photo credit

Preparations for Next Week’s 2017 Spring Nature Artists’ Guild Exhibit Are Almost Complete

The food is being ordered, the rooms are being prepared, the flowers are being planned, and the exhibiting artists of the Nature Artists’ Guild are busy finishing up details or picking up their work from the framer.

Copyright Nancy Wu, featured artist of the Spring 2017 Nature Artists’ Guild Exhibition

Artwork drop-off (more officially known as Referee Night) is next Wednesday, April 5, 2017 between 6 and 8 pm in the Cudahy Auditorium, located in the Administration & Research Center of The Morton Arboretum.  

The opening of the exhibit and Artists’ Reception takes place on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 5 until 9 pm in the historic Sterling Morton Library, also located in the Administration & Research Center.  Refreshments will be available and all members of The Morton Arboretum as well as guests of the artists are invited. Guests can let the gate attendant know they are there for the exhibit and they will admitted free-of-charge and directed to the location.

The exhibit will continue throughout the weekend of April 8 and April 9, 2017 between 10 am and 4 pm and is open to all Arboretum visitors.  The Cudahy Auditorium is just a short and scenic walk from the Visitor Center.

Artwork pickup will be on Sunday, April 9, 2017 between 4:15 and 4:45 pm.

Volunteers Needed

Jill Adzia is the current Chairperson of the “Ways and Means”, or Fundraising Committee for the Nature Artists’ Guild.  Jill has done a fabulous job in this role (as well as numerous others throughout the years), but would like to step down at the end of the year.  If any member of the Nature Artists’ Guild would like to find out more about working with Jill to learn the role, they are asked to contact Jill, whose contact information can be found in their Yearbook.

Laurie Alvear has also been doing a great job as Co-Chair of the Special (Outside) Exhibitions Committee, along with Gary Chipman.  Laurie will be moving out-of-state very soon, so the Nature Artists’ Guild is looking for an immediate replacement for that position. Any Nature Artists’ Guild member who is interested in learning more about the position may contact Gary Chipman, Laurie Alvear, or Mary Ann Jimenez, whose contact information will also be found in the Nature Artists’ Guild Yearbook.

Volunteering is an enjoyable and fulfilling way to become more involved in the Nature Artists Guild, as well as a great way to forge lasting relationships with fellow artists!

The Annual Garden Art Festival is All of the Above

Is it a paint-out in a wonderful location?  Is it an artwork exhibit?  Is it a membership drive?  Yes, yes, and yes!  

Suzanne Wegener and Karen Johnson at the Nature Artists' Guild Information Table at The Growing Place
Suzanne Wegener and Karen Johnson at the Nature Artists’ Guild Information Table at The Growing Place

The annual Garden Art Festival, Saturday, June 25, 2016 at The Growing Place, 25w471 Plank Rd, Naperville, IL  will feature  “local artists, live music, talks and treats in our gardens” from 9 am until 5 pm.  Each year, the Nature Artists’ Guild is invited to host a table where guests can ask questions, pick up a membership brochure, or just talk with one of our members about the benefits of Nature Artists’ Guild memberships.

Meanwhile, Nature Artists’ Guild members are busy in the gardens sketching, drawing and painting.  Members bring their own chairs or standing easels, and set up throughout the vast display area.  While the Nature Artists’ Guild will not have a booth for selling artwork at this event, it is permissible for participants to bring business cards and a few small examples of previous work or a small portfolio for interested visitors to view.

Any members who would like to participate are asked to contact Mary Ann Jimenez as soon as possible.  Mary Ann’s contact information can be found in the Yearbook.  Please click on the highlighted links above to learn more about The Growing Place and the Garden Art Festival.

Exciting Evening this Thursday for Nature Artists’ Guild!

As if watching three talented artists create beautiful artwork wasn’t enough, Nature Artists’ Guild members have a few other new opportunities awaiting them at this Thursday’s (August 6, 2015) meeting.

  • Nature Artists’ Guild members will have the opportunity to choose some lovely books to purchase from a collection of over sixty, donated by artist and member Margo Heald. The collection includes art instruction books, coffee table books, art history books, and each book will be deeply discounted.  All proceeds will go towards the Nature Artists’ Guild’s general fund and only cash or checks can be accepted as payment (no credit cards, please).  Thank you, Margo!
  • The Nature Artists’ Guild 2015 Holiday Exhibition is not too far away (can you believe it?), and will include a brand new type of fundraiser.
    Photo credit Dick Blick
    Photo credit Dick Blick

    At this Thursday’s meeting, twenty of our members will have the opportunity to bring home a small canvas that they can paint, decoupage, or embellish in almost any way, as long as the finished product reflects the beauty of nature. These canvases will be hung together in a wonderful mosaic-like fashion at the upcoming exhibit, and each sold for a set price (to be announced at the meeting).  First come, first serve!  All proceeds will go to the Nature Artists’ Guild.

  • As always, guests and visitors are welcome to attend this Nature Artists’ Guild presentation (click here to read more about the event). Admission and parking are free, and visitors need only let the gate attendant at The Morton Arboretum know that they are there to attend the Nature Artists’ Guild program.

Contacts and Opportunities

Nature Artists’ Guild Vice President, Mary Ann Jimenez, has graciously accepted the additional role of coordinating paint-outs and programs for 2015.  When RSVP’s are required for paint-outs where there is limited space, such as the upcoming one at Orchids by Hausermann’s (additional information coming soon), Mary Ann will be the one to contact. Members can find her contact information in their Yearbook.  

Mary Ann is also our featured artist for the 2015 Holiday Exhibit, so she has a busy schedule ahead of her and would certainly welcome assistance on the Paint-Outs and Programs committee.  Many of our committees could use additional volunteers, so if any of our members are interested in serving, our Nature Artists’ Guild President, Gail Diedrichsen would love to hear from you!  It can be a very rewarding and fun experience and you would be contributing so much to the success of our Guild.

The 2014 Nature Artists’ Guild Scarecrow is Sure To Bring a Smile!

The planning meeting for the 2014 Nature Artists’ Guild’s contribution to The Morton Arboretum’s annual Scarecrow Trail went very well, with all kinds of creative ideas bouncing around.  The winning idea is to construct not an actual scarecrow, but a portrait of a scarecrow, in a very recognizable pose!

Members of the Nature Artists’ Guild are invited to show up to Room A of Thornhill, next Saturday morning, September 13, 2014, between 9 am and noon to help with the construction.  Most of the work will involve painting with acrylics, so wear some old clothes and bring your old tubes or jars of acrylic paint and large brushes if you have them.  If you don’t have any, please come anyway, as there will surely be extra supplies.

If you have any questions or want more details about this fun project, please contact Patty Koenigsaecker.  Members will find Patty’s contact information in their Yearbook.

You can view some of our previous scarecrows (such as Betty Birdwatcher, Patty Painter, Suzy Sketcher) by typing in the word “scarecrow” in the Search box in the right column of this blog.

2014 Nature Artists' Guild Scarecrow.  Drawing by Patty Koenigsaecker.
2014 Nature Artists’ Guild Scarecrow. Drawing by Patty Koenigsaecker.

Looking for Nature Artists’ Guild Volunteers

Our new Nature Artists’ Guild President, Susan Bartlett would like to share this request with our members –

Help Wanted! Volunteers!  We are looking for four members to co-chair two committees: Social Committee and the Ways and Means Committee.
The Social Committee is responsible for the Holiday Party as well as refreshments for all of the general meetings.  The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for the Artisan Shop and Raffle at the two art exhibits.  The former chair people will offer assistance to the new co-chairs.
Both of these positions are fun and great ways to meet and work with other guild members. We really need you!!  Please contact Susan Bartlett or Gail Diedrichsen if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you!
Nature Artists’ Guild members will find Susan and Gail’s contact information in their Yearbook, or can leave a comment on this post to receive contact information by email.

Busy Betty Birdwatcher

There are just a few more days left to visit “Betty Birdwatcher”on the Scarecrow Trail at the Morton Arboretum.  You can find Betty just outside the door of the Visitor’s Center, at the beginning of the one-mile path around Meadow Lake, and will recognize her by her Nature Artists’ Guild t-shirt.

Betty, created by members of the Nature Artists’ Guild,  will be watching her birds until the end of October, and you can visit the trail between 7 am and sunset.

Betty Birdwatcher, photo credit Kathy Wagner
Betty Birdwatcher, photo credit Kathy Wagner

Betty Birdwatcher Needs Your Help!

This year’s annual Nature Artists’ Guild contribution to the “Scarecrow Trail” at The Morton Arboretum is almost ready for her debut. Betty Birdwatcher will be sporting a spiffy Nature Artists’ Guild t-shirt, a lovely skirt, and her bandanna and hat will be a great help in protecting her from the sun.

Betty’s bird-watching field guide is in her hand, so all she needs now is an old pair of broken binoculars (or an inexpensive pair of toy ones) and a large bird to keep her company as she sets out to spot and sketch the many birds of The Morton Arboretum.

Betty and Friends
Betty and Friends

If you can help her out with either of those items, please contact Suzanne Wegener, our Arboretum liaison, whose information you can find in your Yearbook.  You could also leave us a message by commenting on this post.  

Betty can be found in the “Scarecrow Trail” along Meadow Lake at The Morton Arboretum throughout the month of October .