How to Be Like a Chickadee

Holiday card, copyright Vicki Liszewski

How to be-be-be like a chickadee-dee-dee? By spreading cheer to end the year!

No need to snatch peanuts, hop around, or chatter away (although it might be fun!) – there is another way to join these endearing little birds in spreading cheer during the cold, short days of winter.

2022 is the third year for the newest tradition for the Nature Artists’ Guild, the exchange of handmade cards at the end of the year to share and celebrate the wonders of nature and spread some cheer.

Interested Nature Artists’ Guild members can sign up with Celia Rodee (by email or by clicking here) by Sunday, December 4, 2022. Celia will randomly match each name with a recipient and email the recipient’s name and address to the sender on Monday, December 5. Every member who sends a card will receive one from another randomly-selected member.

A blank multi-media card and envelope will be available to pick up at the Nature Artists’ Guild’s holiday party at the Thornhill Education Center on December 1 for each participant, but any mail-able art surface is acceptable to use.

Cards should be mailed by Thursday, December 15, 2022. Before mailing out their handmade cards, participants are encouraged to take a photo to share on this website (email to Denise Fisk) to spread the cheer even further. The images won’t be shared on the website until after all cards have been received in the mail – no spoilers here!

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