Color Pencil on Slate Workshop Next Week

Color pencil on slate tile, copyright Mary Ann Jimenez

At a free workshop for Nature Artists’ Guild members, Mary Ann Jimenez will share techniques for creating stunning but subtle works of art on slate tiles using color pencils. The workshop will be held at the Thornhill Education Center of The Morton Arboretum on Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 10 am until 2 pm.

Blank slate tiles will be provided free of charge to members to complete at the workshop or take with them for further work. The completed pieces will be for sale at the 2022 Autumn Art Exhibit at The Morton Arboretum in November with all proceeds benefitting the Nature Artists’ Guild.

Interested members can contact Mary Ann Jimenez to register for the workshop. Her contact information and a supply list were emailed to members on August 3.

Note: 8 x 8 canvases, boards, or papers for the Schulenberg Prairie anniversary project will also be available at the workshop for members to pick up. Supplies of certain surfaces may be limited, so members are encouraged to contact Carol Balabanow for further information.

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