Nature Artists’ Guild Returns to the Tropics on February 9, 2022

This Wednesday, February 9, 2022, members of the Nature Artists’ Guild will have the opportunity to attend a paint-out inside the vast tropical greenhouse of Orchids by Hausermann. The paint-out will occur from 7 until 10 am, before Hausermann’s business hours. Guild members who would like to attend can. contact Linn Eldred by Tuesday, February 8 to reserve a spot. (Linn’s email address can be found in the guild’s Yearbook or in the January 9 email sent to all members.)

Established in 1920, the Hausermann’s greenhouse complex is one of the largest “orchid ranges” in the world. Their website features a comprehensive photo gallery of their wide variety of stunning orchids.

Nancy Wu’s artwork at Hausermann’s, 2020


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