Beginning the New Year with the Masters

(Click on any artwork title above to reach the catalog page of the Art Institute of Chicago.)

Many members of the Nature Artists’ Guild have been fortunate enough to spend time with the works of Old Masters and Modern Masters at one of the world’s largest museums of art, the Art Institute of Chicago.  Studying and gaining inspiration from some of the greatest artists in history is a widely recognized way of improving artistic skills and expanding creativity.

During the month of January, 2022, members of the Nature Artists’ Guild can continue in that time-honored tradition, studying images from the Art Institute’s online catalog of their collection.  

Each week we will announce three chosen pieces by artists whose works at the Art Institute of Chicago have been admired by millions. Guild participants can choose one or more to use as inspiration in the creation of original nature art using their own photos or observations. 

This can mean anything from doing daily value sketches from the master’s works, practicing the artist’s brush strokes, using their color palette, medium, or subject matter, to finishing a work in the style of, inspired by, or “after” or “in the manner of” the chosen artist.  It is fascinating and satisfying to study a work so closely (even through images) and participating artists will undoubtedly come away from the project with some new insights into their own artwork.

 Week 1 begins on January 5, 2022  with some dramatic interpretations of everyday scenes. Members of the Nature Artists’ Guild will receive further instructions by email soon.

Please click here to join or renew membership in the Nature Artists’ Guild for 2022.

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