Time to Take a Photo and Find a Framer!

Members of the Nature Artists’ Guild who are participating in the 2021 Autumn Art Exhibit may want to finish up those details and get their piece to the framer. The exhibit is only two weeks away!

Screech Owl Chick, copyright Jill Adzia

Artists should also remember to photograph their work. These photos will be useful for numerous reasons – for entering future competitions or exhibits, for sharing with friends and family, and for sharing on this website or in the Nature Artists’ Quarterly (a members-only publication of the Nature Artists’ Guild.)

Most phones take excellent photographs, but it would be worth it to take a peek at the instructions online if unfamiliar with the settings. Some phones have a default setting that will make colors more vivid, blur the background, or incorrectly adjust the lighting. Learning to avoid some of these issues by choosing appropriate settings before taking the photos can save a lot of time trying to correct them later. Professional photographers will often remind beginners to take many photos (changing settings or lighting in between.) This increases the odds that at least one of the photos will accurately represent the artwork (or require less editing.)

We will post a few photos of the exhibit artwork as a preview on this website in the coming weeks and the rest after the exhibit closes. Guild members will receive an email soon with instructions for submitting images.

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