Tomorrow, March 4, 2021, An Intimate Relationship with Colour with Margaret Best

Internationally renowned artist Margaret Best will present An Intimate Relationship with Colour for members of the Nature Artists Guild online, March 4, 2021, beginning at 7 pm.

Crocus watercolor painting and supplies. Copyright Margaret Best. Used with permission.

Working primarily in watercolor, Margaret has explored and studied the color system developed by early-nineteenth-century natural history artist, traveler, and adventurer Ferdinand Bauer.  Margaret will share some of her fascinating findings as well as “touch on how to make good colour choices for an effective palette.”

Natural History Museum, London, on Ferdinand Bauer –

The painter went to extreme lengths to recreate the true colour of specimens, which he noticed begins to fade soon after animals and plants die.

Rather than hurry his work or rely on memory, Bauer developed a colour referencing system in which he assigned each shade a four-digit number and meticulously recorded the various codes for each specimen.

Bauer could then complete full watercolour paintings at a later date. As a result, his illustrations are vibrant but accurate depictions of the organisms in life.

Duck billed platypus, c 1803 Ferdinand Bauer, Natural History Museum, London

Instructions and a link for attending this live online meeting were emailed to all members of the Nature Artists Guild on February 26, 2021. Please click on images or highlighted links to learn more about Margaret Best or Ferdinand Bauer.

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