More Winter Work by Members of the Nature Artists’ Guild

Nature Artists’ Guild members continue to practice their art and observation skills during the 2021 Winter Encounter.  Beata Nowak worked from a photo she had taken of some eagles at a local rookery, Dorothy Duffala worked along with an online video to paint her poppies, and Laverne Bohlin painted from her car at a trailhead in New Mexico.  Kathy Belletire sketched and painted a visiting “plague” of grackles and Jean Black sketched a pair of cardinals observed through her window. Marlene Vitek and Lisa Kanellos worked from found objects, and Marlene, who also worked from a photo, remarked that she is “so glad that I am doing this – really need a push sometimes to get to work! Once there, I am so glad I did something.”

Please click on any of the images for the artist’s name and the title or description of the work.  Members are invited to join in at any time throughout the month.  Details for participating are in the January 16th email sent to all members.

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