Celebrating the Season with the Nature Artists’ Guild Holiday Card Exchange

This year members of the Nature Artists’ Guild will be celebrating a year of friendship, art, and nature by exchanging handmade holiday cards!  Any member who would like to participate should let Susan Bartlett know by December 4, 2020 by clicking on the link in an e-mail sent to members on November 18.  On December 5, Susan will let each person know the name of the recipient of their creation.  All cards should be mailed by December 15, 2020.

An original handmade card should be sent to each artist’s exchange recipient, but scans or prints of the cards could also be shared with friends and family. Images of the cards will be posted on this website (after the exchange is over, of course – we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise) if any artists choose to share. Those images can be sent to Denise Fisk any time before December 15.

Some handmade holiday cards by Susan Bartlett.

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