2019 Summer Encounter Features Nature Art in Progress

Watch the prairie grow with these images of the creation of Autumn Prairie by Nancy Kolar!

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Participating members of the Nature Artists’ Guild’s 2019 Summer Encounter will each be creating their own large piece of nature art by adding to it each week.  Member Nancy Kolar’s finished progressive artwork is being used as an example, and shows that each week’s addition could be considered a completed piece of art.  Nancy used pen and ink in her piece, but participants can choose any one medium of their choice for the project.  Finished pieces will be on display at the August 1, 2019 Nature Artists’ Guild program.

Thank you to Evelyn Grala for leading this project and encouraging members with weekly updates, and to Nancy Kolar for sharing her beautiful artwork as inspiration.  It is fascinating to note that Nancy “simply put ink pen on the page without pencil outlines first” and then incorporated any “stray ink line into one of the objects” she was drawing!

Autumn Prairie, pen and ink, copyright Nancy Kolar.

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