A Scene The Impressionists Would Have Loved

On the morning of Thursday, June 22, 2017, members of the Nature Artists’ Guild are invited to meet at the Ground Cover Garden of The Morton Arboretum between 9 am and noon for a paint-out.

A living carpet of foliage and flowers graces The Morton Arboretum’s Ground Cover Garden, linking the Visitor Center to the Research Center and the Sterling Morton Library.
The original garden was built in 1938. It is one of the more densely planted and diverse gardens in the Arboretum, with over 350 different plants amid shady, winding paths with strategically placed benches that allow visitors to enjoy a moment of seclusion and tranquility.

The Ground Cover Garden consists of perennial plants and ground covers chosen to complement trees and shrubs, blanketing the ground with a wonderful assortment of attractive flowers and foliage.


Ground Cover Garden at The Morton Arboretum. Photo Credit Jane Kellenberger.

Those members participating in the 2017 Summer Encounter can use this opportunity to add to their Nature Artist’s Journal.  All others can simply enjoy a morning of sketching, painting and photographing in a setting fit for an Impressionist.

Nature Artists’ Guild members are encouraged, but not required, to RSVP to Jane Kellenberger for this paint-out.  Jane’s contact information can be found in their Yearbook.  Artists may consider bringing a folding chair (although a few benches may be available for use) along with their art supplies, something to drink and a camera.

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