A Few Reminders

The Morton Arboretum will be blooming spectacularly this weekend (please click here for the latest Bloom Report) and the weather is expected to be sunny and in the 70’s! Could this mean record attendance at the 2016 Spring Exhibit of the Nature Artists’ Guild?

For all  participating artists, it’s time to tie up those loose ends, and get ready for drop-off tomorrow (Wednesday, April 13, 2016 between 6 and 8 pm) at the Thornhill Education Center.

Square Dance, fiber art, ©Patty Koenigsaecker
Square Dance, fiber art, ©Patty Koenigsaecker
  • Is your artwork ready for drop off tomorrow evening?
  • Do you have a wrap, towel or case to protect your artwork and frame during transport?
  • If participating in the Mini-Canvas project, is your canvas complete, including finishing the edges?
  • If you have written an Artist’s Statement, have you made four copies to submit?
  • If you have artist’s business cards, are they ready to drop off?

All Nature Artists’ Guild members, exhibiting or not, are encouraged to invite friends and family to join us for the Opening Reception on Friday evening, April 15, 2016, between 5 and 9 pm at Thornhill.  

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