Top Five Reasons to Attend Tonight’s Nature Artists’ Guild Program

1.  Rhonda Nass and her award-winning colored-pencil artwork

2.  Rhonda’s new book, Scratchings of a Madwoman

3.  For interested Nature Artists’ Guild members, an opportunity to pick up their mini-canvas

4.  Visitors and guests are welcome, and the program, admission to The Morton Arboretum, and parking are free-of-charge

5.  The special beauty of The Morton Arboretum after dark, especially with a dusting of snow

For more information about Rhonda, please scroll down to a our previous post, or visit her website,  Visitors do not need to be a member of the Nature Artists’ Guild or The Morton Arboretum to attend this program from 7 until 9 pm on Thursday, March 3, 2016, and the gate attendant at The Morton Arboretum will direct them to the Thornhill Education Center building.  More information about the Arboretum is available at

2 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons to Attend Tonight’s Nature Artists’ Guild Program

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Yes, the postcards and posters are ready, and thanks to Patty Koenigsaecker’s artwork and Evelyn Grala’s design skills, they are gorgeous! Extra copies of both should be available at the office at Thornhill.

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