February’s Best

There are so many reasons to celebrate in February!  Some of our greatest presidents had birthdays in February, and St. Valentines day is celebrated in February. Outdoors  in February, high up in the trees, cute little balls of feathers that will grow up to be Great Horned Owls are hatching, and down on the ground, the first flowers of spring, skunk cabbage, (whose flowers give off enough heat to be able to melt the snow immediately around themselves) will be blooming.

One more reason to celebrate February is that it is the month of the annual Nature Artists’ Guild paint-out at Orchids by Hausermann in Villa Park, IL.  This year, members of the Nature Artists’ Guild will meet from 8 am until 11 am on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 to sketch, draw, paint and photograph some of the thousands of orchids that will be blooming in February in the vast greenhouse of Orchids by Hausermann, the oldest and largest orchid grower in the Midwest.  Apart from booking a trip to some exotic location, it may be the best opportunity in the Chicagoland area this February to spend a relaxing morning in a warm, tropical environment, surrounded by gorgeous orchids.

Photo credit Orchids by Hausermann
Photo credit Orchids by Hausermann

Nature Artists’ Guild members should contact Jane Kellenberger (whose contact information can be found in their Yearbook) to reserve a spot at this popular event, since space is very limited.  Please click on this link to Orchids by Hausermann’s website for directions, and to view an online catalog of stunning orchids.

Who knew February had so much to offer?

One thought on “February’s Best

  1. I don’t yet have a Yearbook because I shamefully sent my dues in after the 1st of the year. Is there any other way I can get Jane Kellenger’s email to RSVP to the outing? Thanks!- Cheryl Rausch

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