Presenting Crow-na Lisa

Here she is!  The next time you visit The Morton Arboretum, please be sure to swing by Meadow Lake, near the Visitor’s Center, to check out the 2014 Nature Artists’ Guild’s contribution to the annual Scarecrow Trail.

The Crow-na Lisa is our slightly scary, slightly humorous take on a painting that you may recognize.  Whether or not she fulfills her job of scaring away any crows, though, remains to be seen.

Thank you to all the artists who worked so hard to create Crow-na Lisa, especially Patty Koenigsaecker, who created the design and prepared the “canvas”, both structurally and artistically, and Sharon Malec who had the wonderfully creative idea of painting a scarecrow, rather than constructing an actual scarecrow.  The short slide show below follows construction from start to finish.

Please click on this link to read more about Scarecrow Trail, which will be featured at The Morton Arboretum throughout the month of October.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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