Just Some Plain Old Fun

Yes, our Nature Artists’ Guild members create wonderful artwork, and that is definitely our focus, but a few of our activities are just for plain old fun!

  • Our annual scarecrow – On September 6, 2014, members are invited to meet at the Ginkgo Cafe at The Morton Arboretum at 10 am to plan our scarecrow contribution to The Morton Arboretum’s annual display.  Patty Koenigsaecker, scarecrow designer extraordinaire, will be heading the committee, so please contact her if you have any questions or comments.  This meeting is not for the actual construction of the scarecrow (which is not yet scheduled), but the design.  Members are invited to attend either or both of these fun scarecrow events!  You can type in “scarecrow” in the search box in the right column of this blog to find some previous creations.
  • Our annual holiday party – Check your e-mail soon for an announcement about the upcoming Nature Artists’ Guild Holiday Party.  Our social chair, Irena Gintilas, is getting us started on preparations for this fun event, because believe it or not, the date will be here before we know it!  More details are available in the e-mail, as well as contact information for Irena.  This year, our celebration will feature Winter or Holiday Plants and Flowers. Let’s see what our creative members can do!

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