Plenty of Opportunities For Summer Painting!

Many of our Nature Artists’ Guild members are also members of other artists’ organizations in the area.  One of these organizations, the Dupage Art League, has members who meet once per week to paint outdoors.  These “Friday Morning Plein Air Painters” have issued their summer schedule, so if you are interested, please click on this link to the Dupage Art League for more information.  Thank you to Nature Artists’ Guild members Barb Denny and Linn Eldred for this tip!

Also, “Friends of the Field”, an informal group of artists who meet at the Field Museum to paint from the exhibits, led by Artist in Residence Peggy Macnamara, will be meeting on June 14, 2014.  Museum addition fees will apply. Unfortunately, we do not have any more information about this event, so if any of our members have the details about the meeting time or place, please respond in the comment section below.

 Update – Nature Artists’ Guild member Irena Gintilas has kindly provided us with details on the event.  Please click on her comment below.  Thanks Irena!

One thought on “Plenty of Opportunities For Summer Painting!

  1. “Friends of the Field” group has a FaceBook page called “Artists at the field”, – you can join the FB group to be able to read notifications of when the next Saturday paint-out is scheduled. They do not have set dates far in advance. They usually meet once a month, but there were two Saturday pain-outs last month – May 3 and May 24. The next one is expected June 14. You may send a request to Loenard Weber [] and ask him to place you on his e-mail list, then you would be getting notifications of the following paint-out-at-the-Field-Museum dates by e-mail.
    Please visit the FB page to see some of their work and a picture of the group (virtual group is much bigger, of course).

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