Speaking of Birds – Updates!

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(Originally posted May 2014)

The migrating birds are here (and The Morton Arboretum certainly has attracted its share), but very soon all the leaves will be on the trees and even though you may still hear the birds, you might not be able to find them.  Before you know it, they will be gone again, heading towards their breeding grounds.

The above artwork featuring birds, created by Nature Artists’ Guild members, just may inspire you to get out there and take a look.  All artwork is copyrighted by the artists and is the sole property of the artists.

All Nature Artists’ Guild members are invited to submit images of their artwork (up to four images) featuring birds to be added to this slide show.  Please send your artwork  to Evelyn Grala (you can find her contact information in your Yearbook).  When submitting artwork to Evelyn, please indicate whether it may be used in the Quarterly, on this site, or both.  We look forward to seeing even more Nature Artists’ Guild birds!

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