We Saved The Best for Last!

The Nature Artists’ Guild has had some very special paint-outs this year.  From tropical Orchids by Hausermann’s in the winter, to some of the prettiest gardens in the area and the best weather you could ask for in the summer, this year has held some wonderful opportunities for our members.

There is one more paint-out planned for this year, and we have truly saved the best for last.  On October 8, please join us near Parking Lot P27 near Lake Marmo at, where else, The Morton Arboretum.  

Visitors  or “leaf-peepers” will be coming in from all over to see one of the best displays of Autumn color in the area.  Our group will be away from the crowds, tucked beneath the trees surrounding Lake Marmo, doing our best to portray the beautiful scene.

We will meet at 9 am and stay until about noon.  Interested members could also stay for lunch at the Ginkgo Restaurant & Café.  This paint-out is informal, so there is no need to RSVP, and please feel free to come any time between 9 and noon.  

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