Better Homes and Gardens comes to Wildwood!

Exciting news!  We have it on good authority that some photographers from a Better Homes and Gardens specialty publication are scheduled to be present at Nina Koziol’s Wildwood garden on the same day as one of our Nature Artists’ Guild paint-outs (scheduled for August 17 and August 20 – see earlier post).

Don’t get ready for your close-up just yet, though.  We are waiting for some details – we have the “where”, but still need the “who, what, why, and when. “   We’re not sure yet whether our participants will be included in any of the photos,  but be assured that if you would rather not be included, you can still attend the paint-out.   The photographers will obtain a photo release from anyone who may appear in any of their photos.

As soon as we get more details, we will share them with all of our members!  Please remember to RSVP to Carol Jean Rogalski if you would like to attend either of the paint-outs (you’ll find her contact information in your Yearbook).

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