A Beautiful Day at a Beautiful Location!

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We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the Mayslake-Peabody Estate paint-out last week.  As you can see above, the estate and grounds were breathtaking, the sky was blue, the grass was green, and our Nature Artists’ Guild members took full advantage of all of that beauty!

Once again, we have our photographer, Kathy Wagner, to thank for the beautiful photographs.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day at a Beautiful Location!

  1. Hi Marilyn. The photos are in the form of a slideshow, which is probably why they don’t show up on your e-mail. I hope you’ll click the link to view them online, though. They are beautiful!

      1. Marilyn, you have a good point! The next time there is a slideshow attached to a post, I will try to make it clearer to those who have subscribed to the blog and are receiving the post by e-mail. Thanks for your help!

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