Ranunculus, © Carol Jean Rogalski, Watercolor and 23k gold on Vellum
Ranunculus, © Carol Jean Rogalski, Watercolor and 23k gold on Vellum

 On March 7, 2013 at 7 pm in Thornhill, we will have the pleasure of attending a program by one of our own members, Carol Jean Rogalski, as she shares with us the history and techniques of Illumination. 

Prior to the development of the printing press, original illustrations were used to enhance medieval manuscripts.  These glowing  illustrations included the use of silverpoint, egg tempera and illumination with gold on vellum.  Carol Jean Rogalski has spent years traveling to museums to view these early examples of illustration, while also learning and practicing these early techniques. She recently completed a techniques demonstration for the ASBA at The Chicago Botanic Garden in October, 2012.

Many of you may know Carol Jean as an instructor in The Morton Arboretum’s Botanical Art and Illustration program, and may have seen examples of her stunning illuminations in our Nature Artists’ Guild exhibits.  You may also remember Carol Jean as one of the three short–program demonstrators at our “Artist Trio” event last summer.

There has been so much interest in and fascination with Carol Jean’s artwork and techniques that we have asked Carol Jean to return for a full-length program that you won’t want to miss!


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