A Wonderful Morning at The Beard Garden!

Carol Jean Rogalski shares this update about this morning’s paint-out at The Beard Garden

The garden was inviting, the weather was perfect, and the sky was clear in spite of warnings of early showers.  Susan Beard could not have been a more generous hostess, even sharing some grasses and pods and vines with the stragglers, the last ones to leave. She commented that we should see the place in the spring.  Well, I take that as an invitation that we were such good guests that we would be able to return in 2013.  So those who missed it this year can put it on their list for the spring.

Great News!  We will be looking forward to it!  We are also looking forward to seeing more photographs of the garden and the event on the website of the Morton Arboretum Photographic Society (MAPS).

Nature Artists’ Guild and Morton Arboretum Photographic Society at The Beard Garden, 2012

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