Meet the Leaf Fairy!

Patty Konigsaecker has done it again!  The Nature Artists’ Guild’s 2012 Scarecrow that Patty has designed is really too sweet, though, to scare away any birds! In fact, with some of the changes we’ll be adding this Saturday (such as adding a bird’s nest to her bun), she’ll probably attract them!  After we substitute some of her flowers for leaves (hence the name change from Flower Fairy to Leaf Fairy), and change her quote to another more “leafy” one, our Leaf Fairy, with her skirt fluttering in the wind, will grace the shore of Meadow Lake at The Morton Arboretum all through October.

2012 Nature Artists’ Guild Scarecrow, “Leaf Fairy”, design by Patty Koenigsaecker

Please join us this Saturday at Thornhill at the workshop to help construct her! If you have suggestions or supplies that may be useful, please contact Patty Konigsaecker (you can find her contact information in your Yearbook).

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