Need Artwork for Winter Quarterly

Whether you have finished pieces ready for our upcoming Holiday show, or just a few sketches from your backyard, we’d love to include a few images of your creations in the Winter edition of the Nature Artists’ Guild members’ publication, “The Quarterly”. 

All you need to do is send a JPEG file to Evelyn Grala (her contact information can be found in your Yearbook)If you don’t have a professional scan of your artwork or a home printer/scanner, any office supply chain should be able to scan your artwork (usually up to 11 x 17 inches) for just a few dollars (just make sure the artwork is not under glass).  They’ll even e-mail the JPEG file to Evelyn for another small fee!  Evelyn will be able to crop off or clean up the edges of the scan if needed, and then it’s ready for publication! 

Please be sure to e-mail all images to Evelyn by October 25 to be included in the Winter issue.

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