We’re Glad You’re Here

The month isn’t even over yet and we’ve already received the most monthly “hits” (looks) ever on the Nature Artists’ Guild blog (the  service provider records the number of times the blog is accessed, but not by whom).  We’re so glad you’re visiting!  

Of course, we all love our publication, The Nature Artists’ Quarterly – you really can’t beat it for relaxing along with a nice hot cup of tea.   The stories and artwork contributed by your fellow Nature Artist Guild members are so nice to peruse when you have the time to really get comfortable, sit back and enjoy them (and don’t forget that you are always encouraged to send in your own news and artwork!)  You will just love the heartwarming article and artwork contributed by Nancy Hart in the upcoming edition (which you should be receiving in your mail next week).   

But when you’re running late, can’t find your Quarterly, and just need to look up a paint-out date, or want to follow a link to see more of one of a program artist’s work, the blog (or website) is the place to go! Come back any time!

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