The Stunning Floral Art of Winnie Godfrey, February 10th

At the first formal meeting in 2011 of  the Nature Artists’ Guild, on Thursday, February 10 from 7 to 9 pm, we will have the privilege of welcoming accomplished artist Winifred Godfrey

While best known for her stunning grand-scale floral paintings, Winnie also has a national following for her work in other subjects.  Winnie has been featured in numerous publications, is the recipient of many honors, and her artwork is included in private, corporate and museum collections and has been exhibited throughout North America.

Peony, ©Winnie Godfrey

A few of Winnie’s most recent accomplishments in the last few months have been a one-woman exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center and participation in the renowned Grand Rapids “ArtPrize” competition ( with a 72” x 112” floral triptych of gladioli!)   

Garden Flowers Triptych, 72 x 112, ©Winnie Godfrey

In Winnie’s words, “What primarily interests me in painting flowers is the delicate and temporary quality of the blossom.  Although they are painted realistically, the subject is just the starting point for an abstract study of luminosity, transparency and form.”

“The trick is to catch my live subjects at precisely the right moment when the sun illuminates their fragile components.”

Please visit Winnie’s website for a better appreciation of the delight in store for our February meeting.  What a way to brighten up a winter evening and turn our attention towards spring!

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