Nature Artists’ Guild’s First Paint-Out of 2011

The first paint-out location of 2011 is an annual favorite, the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum at Benedictine University in Lisle. We will meet on January 15, at 9:30 am, and can stay until about 12:30 pm.  There’s a good reason we keep coming back – this museum is a treasure!

The museum is filled with mounts and skeletons of creatures ranging from birds to elk. Closer than the Field museum for most, and warmer than the zoo in January, this is a great opportunity to get good sketches of almost any animal imaginable! The more than 10,000 specimens are displayed in a few large rooms, and there are usually no other visitors during our paint-outs, so we have plenty of room.  There are a few benches available, but you may want to bring a folding chair so you can move to wherever you find an interesting subject. 

Please let Ku-mie Kim know if you are planning to come, as she will be meeting members there.  It’s fine if you need to be a little late – it’s a casual gathering.  Often some of the participants go out for lunch afterwards, or stay a little later at the museum for some extra time with the animals.

The address is 5700 College Road, Lisle, Birck Hall, 2nd Floor.  For some photos and more information about the museum, please click here

Artwork  © Robert Sunyog

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