Exciting New Gallery Opportunity for Members

Our Outside Exhibition Chair, Paulette McDermott announces the following exciting news!

The Nature Artists Guild of the Morton Arboretum gallery at the Canterbury Shoppe

We have been given a wonderful opportunity for our members to exhibit and sell their work at the Canterbury Shoppe in Naperville.  The exhibits are rotated on a seasonal basis.  The first exhibit, Autumn, is up right now through November.  The Winter exhibit, which is open to all of our members, will open December 1st.  We will also have a “Meet the Artist” reception for each rotation.

Remember to get your prospectus for the Winter Exhibit to Paulette McDermott postmarked by November 19, 2010.

If you are looking for an interesting way to spend a beautiful Autumn Sunday, please join us for an afternoon tea and bring your friends and family

        “Meet the Artist” Tea to celebrate the Autumn Exhibit

        Canterbury Shoppe
        43 E. Jefferson
        Naperville, IL

        Sunday, November 7
        2 pm – 5 pm

Note:  Members should have received their prospectus and exhibition details by mail or e-mail on October 16, and revisions on October 28.  If you cannot locate your copy or have any questions, please contact Paulette.

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