Bring a Book, Take a Book – October 7th

How many of us have bought books that looked great at the bookstore, but just didn’t fit our expectations when we got them home?   Or loved a book, but read it so many times that it is now committed to memory?  Well, just because you will never again open your copy of Beginners’s Guide to Painting Insects in Pastel, doesn’t mean that you should just throw it away or waste your valuable shelf space.  One of your fellow NAG members might find in it just the inspiration they’ve been looking for!

Our membership chair, Sylvia Tester has organized a book swap for our October 7th meeting featuring Nancy Hart (see story above).  Sylvia notes that “many of us have a host of books about art and natural history”, and “the idea is to bring a book you have read and probably will not read again, and to take home a book that is new to you”.  It is requested that the subject matter be limited to art, photography and natural history.  We hope the book swap is a success that we can repeat in the future!

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