Ceramic Fundraising Project Features Your Artwork!

Nancy Thyfault has again arranged for you to have your very own artwork reproduced onto ceramic tiles, ornaments or pendants!  The process requires a digital image of your artwork, and you should have recently received the  price list and details via e-mail.  This special pricing was arranged by Nancy especially for NAG members, and is available not only for items to be sold at our Artisan (fundraising) table at the Holiday Exhibit in November, but also for items you may choose to make for yourself or give as gifts!   If you have any questions about the project, please contact Nancy. 

Order forms and payment must be postmarked by, and artwork e-mailed by October 25. 

2 thoughts on “Ceramic Fundraising Project Features Your Artwork!

  1. Hi Denise,

    I was so enchanted by Nancy Hart’s program last night that I completely forgot about getting more information on the ceramic tiles.

    Could you provide me with another copy of the form? I’m not sure what email address you used when you originally sent it, so I wasn’t able to locate it when I did a search.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Carol, I’m glad you found your copy. We are unable to post this form on the blog since it is a special offer for NAG members only. If anyone else needs a form, Nancy Thyfault should be able to supply you with one.
      We’re glad you enjoyed the program Carol!

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