Redbuds and Daffodils Paint-Out This Saturday

Whew! You’ve finally finished your artwork for the spring show, picked it up just in time from the framer, and gone through the line at referee night. You’re done! What a relief! You deserve a break and you are not going to pick up a pencil or paintbrush for weeks! But then – you attend the spring show, you are inspired by all the beautiful work and all of a sudden you find yourself thinking, “who needs a break? I can’t wait to get started”!
Well, you are in luck. The arboretum is currently bursting with color and inspiration, and members of the Nature Artists’ Guild are going outdoors to soak it all in. The famed Morton redbuds will be in full glory, the daffodils will still be nodding at you, bluebells are just beginning to put in an appearance, and even all those teeny-tiny impossibly-chartreuse leaf buds are peeking out, just challenging you to try to capture their color! We’ve been waiting for months for this color show, and it disappears so quickly. Let’s take the time to give it the attention it deserves and not let it slip by unnoticed!

We will be meeting in the Thornhill parking lot at 9 am on Saturday, April 24, 2010. Although everyone is certainly free to choose their own location to sketch or paint, we will have some suggestions for some of the most scenic spots. No need to RSVP – there’s room for everyone! Bring your own drink, and we’ll supply the muffins.

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