August 6th is Demonstration Night

The Guild’s August formal meeting – August 6th at 7:00pm in the Arboretum’s Thornhill Auditorium – will feature 4 Guild members demonstrating techniques:

Denise Fisk: Painting animals
Maggie Mardis: Creating a colored paper background for colored pencil and graphite drawings
Connie Devendorf: Faux finishes and natural history subjects
Patty Koenigsaecher: Fiber arts

Also Suzanne Wegener, the Guild’s Arboretum Liaison, will be on hand to answer questions about the referee process for our Exhibitions. This is a great opportunity for members who have never exhibited in Guild shows and have questions about what’s involved/required.

2 thoughts on “August 6th is Demonstration Night

  1. I really enjoyed the August meeting. Being able to see up close and ask questions about how Denise, Maggie, Connie, and Patty create their art was very enjoyable!

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