Nature Artists’ Winter Work

The first images from the Nature Artists’ Guild’s 2021 Winter Encounter are here!  Members are invited to join in any time, whether or not they choose to share images of their artwork.  The suggestions for participating are simple and the practice will lead to improvements in technique and interesting discoveries.  Members of the guild can refer to their email from January 16 for details.

Thank you to the members who have already inspired their fellow artists by sharing images of their wonderful work.  Please click on any image for a full view and the name of the artist.

The Nature Artists’ Guild “Winter Encounter” Begins

The first Nature Artists’ Guild “Encounter” of 2021 has begun, and it requires not much more than a few art supplies and an internet connection.

It’s always fun to watch someone else draw or paint!  For the next seven weeks, though, instead of just grabbing a snack and enjoying the videos, participants will actually be trying the techniques themselves.  Practicing one technique, or trying many – it doesn’t matter. Either way, each participant will improve their skills and emerge this spring as a better artist.

Members of the guild can find some links for excellent free art instruction (as well as instructions for participating) in the email they received yesterday.

Trees, watercolor, copyright Carol Jean Rogalski

Nature Artists’ Guild Welcomes Back Marlene Hill Donnelly on February 4, 2021

It’s been nearly ten years since members of the Nature Artists’ Guild have had the pleasure of attending a presentation by artist, educator, and scientist Marlene Hill Donnelly.  The guild is excited to welcome her back as their first speaker of 2021.

On Thursday evening, February 4, 2021, beginning at 7 pm, via live video, Marlene will talk about some of her unique experiences over the course of her career as a scientific illustrator for the Field Museum and as a freelance artist for the Belle Isle Aquarium, the Smithsonian Institution, HarperCollins, and the Honolulu Zoo.  Marlene has also taught various art and botanical and scientific illustration classes at The Morton Arboretum, and is currently teaching at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Detail of Landscape Reconstructed – Greenland, copyright Marlene Hill Donnelly.

Instructions for joining this program will be emailed to all Nature Artists’ Guild members later this month. Those who have not yet joined or renewed for 2021 are encouraged to do so before the end of January to ensure that they receive the participation instructions.

Join or Renew Today!

The Nature Artists’ Guild welcomes renewals and new members at any time, of course.  Membership in the guild is for the calendar year, though, so by renewing (or joining) now, artists will ensure that they receive the full benefit of their membership.  Last year’s members can still renew today (if they haven’t already) for a reduced fee of $30.  After today, the renewal fee returns to $45.

Please visit the Membership page of this website to join or renew online, or mail your check to the address on the membership application or (for current members) to our treasurer, Catherine Stacy. Catherine’s address can be found in the Nature Artists’ Yearbook, or in the latest issue of the Nature Artists’ Quarterly.

Cardinal Couple, watercolor, copyright Laurie Alvear


Happy Holidays from the Nature Artists’ Guild

Holiday card 2020, copyright Mary Sinclair

To add cheer to the season, members of the Nature Artists’ Guild created and exchanged holiday cards, and some of the artists or recipients have shared images of those cards here for us to enjoy. Thank you to Susan Bartlett for coordinating this fun exchange and to all the participating artists for contributing their time and talent!

If you are unable to view the slideshow on your device, please click here or on the title at the top of the post to be directed to the Nature Artists’ Guild website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time to Mail the Holiday Cards

Images of the wonderful handmade holiday cards being exchanged between Nature Artists’ Guild members have been trickling in, and we will be sharing those soon on this website.  Any participating member who hasn’t mailed their card yet should finish it up, put it in an envelope, and mail it today!  Images of the cards can be emailed by the recipients to Denise Fisk, whose contact information can be found in the Nature Artists’ Guild Yearbook.

Holiday card by Maggie Mardis.  (Maggie does the best nests, doesn’t she?)

Nature Artists’ Guild To Enter Its 35th Year!

The Nature Artists’ Guild of The Morton Arboretum enters its 35th year of art and nature in 2021!

As it has for more than 34 years, membership in the Nature Artists’ Guild in 2021 brings opportunities to participate in programs, paint-outs, exhibits, workshops, and social events (in person or online, as conditions require.)  In addition, the Nature Artists’ Quarterly, featuring news, articles, and artwork by, for, or about members is delivered to every member’s mailbox each season.

Now, before the season becomes too busy, might be a good time for Nature Artists’ Guild members to renew their membership for 2021 (or for new members to join.)  Current members of the guild can renew at a reduced fee (through the end of the month) by clicking here and scrolling down to the appropriate payment button.  New members can click here to join at the regular rate.  If preferred, new members can send a check to the address on the membership form and returning members can send a check to treasurer Catherine Stacy. Use of the membership form is not required as long as the member’s contact information is included with the check or online payment.



Still Time to Join the 2020 Nature Artists’ Guild’s Holiday Card Exchange

The Nature Artists’ Guild is celebrating a year of nature, art, and friendship –

Any Nature Artists’ Guild member who would like to participate in the exchange of a handmade holiday card with another member should click on the link in the e-mail sent on November 18 or contact Susan Bartlett (whose information can be found in the guild’s Yearbook) before December 4, 2020.  Susan will let each participant know the name of their card’s recipient on December 5, and all cards should be sent by December 15.

Images of the finished cards can also be sent to Denise Fisk by December 15 to be shared later (after all the cards have been sent – no spoilers here!) on this website.

Handmade card by Susan Bartlett.

Celebrating the Season with the Nature Artists’ Guild Holiday Card Exchange

This year members of the Nature Artists’ Guild will be celebrating a year of friendship, art, and nature by exchanging handmade holiday cards!  Any member who would like to participate should let Susan Bartlett know by December 4, 2020 by clicking on the link in an e-mail sent to members on November 18.  On December 5, Susan will let each person know the name of the recipient of their creation.  All cards should be mailed by December 15, 2020.

An original handmade card should be sent to each artist’s exchange recipient, but scans or prints of the cards could also be shared with friends and family. Images of the cards will be posted on this website (after the exchange is over, of course – we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise) if any artists choose to share. Those images can be sent to Denise Fisk any time before December 15.

Some handmade holiday cards by Susan Bartlett.

The 2020 Online Exhibit of Natural History Art

Members of the Nature Artists’ Guild would like to share some of the work that would have been (and might be in the future) exhibited at The Morton Arboretum as part of the guild’s annual Spring or Autumn (Holiday) Exhibit of Natural History Art.

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If the slide show does not show up on your device, please click on this link to the Nature Artists’ guild website. Click on any image to see a larger version and the title, artists’ name, and media used.  The images are also available for scrolling through or viewing individually on the 2020 Exhibit of Natural History Art page under the Member Artwork tab of this website. Thank you to all participating members for sharing your artwork.

All artwork exhibited on this website is the sole property of the artist and should not be used or reproduced without their written consent.  If you would like to contact one of the artists, please leave a comment on this website and you will receive an e-mail reply, normally within 48 hours. Your e-mail address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.