Winter Nature Art Workshops and Classes Continue at The Morton Arboretum

P is for Pine, copyright Suzanne Wegener.

Suzanne Wegener’s two-day workshop, Advanced Textures in Graphite and Watercolor, takes place on the weekend of February 17 – 18, 2018 at The Morton Arboretum, and there are a few openings still available.  Suzanne is an accomplished botanical artist and an extremely talented and popular instructor, and participants can expect an enjoyable and productive experience.

From The Morton Arboretum’s class listings

Tackle nature’s most prickly textures with this watercolor workshop.  From thorns and prickles to wrinkles and puckers, we will explore the extreme textures of the botanical world.  Learn how to apply watercolor to a graphite drawing and which surface to use.  Supplies will be provided to use during the class if you do not have your own.

For those with an interest in creating nature art, but with little or no experience,  Beginner’s Nature Art Workshops: Winter Foliage in Graphite and Begin to Draw Nature start in late February or early March, 2018.

All are welcome to enroll in The Morton Arboretum’s classes and workshops, and members of The Morton Arboretum will receive a discounted registration fee.  Please click here or on one of the highlighted links above to reach the Arboretum’s website to read more or to register.

One thought on “Winter Nature Art Workshops and Classes Continue at The Morton Arboretum

  1. I’d like to confirm that Julie Zickefoose will give a presentation the evening of June 7 and will have a workshop and/or walks on June 8 & 9. These events are listed on Julie’s website but I don’t see them on yours or on the Arboretum’s site. I’m from Colorado so need to make travel and lodging arrangements but want to confirm the events before doing so. I’m a big fan of Julie’s and would love to see her in person again. Thank you.

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