It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning a Party!

Our best Social Chairperson ever, Gail Diedrichsen, has an announcement for us –

This year’s unique holiday gathering will prove to be something new and very different from past events. The evening will begin with hors d’ oeuvres,  and a viewing of our creative tables, followed by dinner and dessert, an induction of our officers, and our traditional raffle.

Our Holiday Party Committee wants members to get inspired and have fun creating table decorations, while being given an opportunity to learn about the winter holidays and festivals celebrated by other cultures.  This year’s theme, “Winter Holidays Around the World,” is sure to challenge our members’ creativity, while giving our members a glimpse into our planet’s rich diversity.

If you attended last week’s meeting, you are probably already on a team and know how to get started.  If not, please contact Gail to find out more.  You can find her contact information in your Yearbook.  Check back for future updates!

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