Nature Artists’ Guild Field Trip Next Week!

Our fellow Nature Artist Guild member Diana Sunyog has arranged for Guild members to have a private tour of the Nettie McKinnon Gallery in LaGrange Park next Friday, April 1st from 11 am until about 1 pm. 

This gallery is a hidden gem featuring over 120 works of art by many major artists, including Hudson River School painters John Frederick and George Aldrich and major American Impressionist painters Edward Henry Potthast, John Henry Twatchman and John Singer Sargent. 

The history of the museum is fascinating, with early works of art being bought from profits of the sale of magazines by 7th and 8th graders in the late 1920’s, all under the direction of principal Nettie J. McKinnon.  Nettie’s determination to make art available to students as an everyday part of their lives resulted in this wonderful collection.  Most of the artists represented are also in leading museum collections across the country.  Please visit for more about the museum’s history and collection. 

Family members are welcome, and Diana mentions that there are a number of nice restaurants in the area from which we can choose for our post-tour refreshment (no PB &J sandwiches for this field trip)! Please contact Ku-mie Kim (her e-mail address is in your Yearbook) if you’d like to come, as the museum would like an accurate count. 

The address of the gallery is –   Nettie McKinnon Gallery, 333 North Park Road,  Entrance 4, La Grange Park, IL  60526 ,  Phone – (708) 482-2400 (ext. 2002).

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