Nature Artists’ Guild Honorary Member Mary Ingels

Our friend and former guild president Mary Ingels has been made an Honorary Member of the Nature Artists’ Guild in tribute to her many outstanding contributions over the last twelve years.

Wisteria (carbon dust), Mary Ingels

Before moving across the country to embark on her new adventures in the Seattle area earlier this year, Mary served as president of the guild for almost three years and vice- president for one.

A graphic artist as well as fine artist, Mary originated and continues to be instrumental in coordinating and designing our annual Nature Artists’ Guild desk calendar project, one of the guild’s most popular and successful fund-raising endeavors . In just the last few years, Mary took on the challenges of reviewing and updating exhibition requirements, designing and developing (with Sylvia Root Tester) a 20th Anniversary  Nature Artists’ Guild publication, and designing, developing and acting as the main contributor to this blog (to which she continues to contribute, all the way from Washington)!  

Mary joins a short but distinguished list of Honorary Members –  Nature Artists’ Guild founder Nancy Hart (Stieber), Evelyn Grala,  and Bob Sunyog. 

Congratulations Mary, and we look forward to your continued friendship and inspiration– even across the miles!

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