Fascinating Presentation

Porcelain painter and teacher Karen Wahlers gave a lovely presentation at a well-attended formal meeting last evening!  After speaking about her background, some of the history and fascinating facts about porcelain painting, and (bravely, in our opinion) passing around numerous examples of her work for us to look at more closely, Karen did a demonstration which we were all able to watch on the large screen.   Karen assured us that the process was not quite as difficult as we may have thought (it allows for changes by simply wiping paint right off),  and it certainly appeared to be an enjoyable method of painting, the way the paint glided onto the shiny porcelain surface!   The process was fascinating, and the delicacy and luminosity of the finished pieces is something that could only be fully appreciated by seeing them in person.   

Karen was so generous as to offer one of her finished pieces as the evening’s door prize, and the grateful winner was Connie Devendorf.    Pat Delano helped to complete the evening by supplying us with an assortment of her delicious homemade goodies!   Thank you to Karen and all who helped with and attended last evening’s meeting!   

 Karen currently teaches porcelain painting from her home, and can be reached at rtst54@aol.com.  You can also visit http://www.theshop.net/wocporg/ for more information about the art form.

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