Membership Survey in the Mail

The Board of Directors is seeking Guild members’ assistance in evaluating our programs. A survey is being mailed to all members on September 10, 2008. Members can mail back the survey or download the survey in Microsoft Word format and e-mail it back.

To download the survey click here: membership-survey-2008

Thank you for your assistance!

One thought on “Membership Survey in the Mail

  1. This survey is very important in my view, for the board needs to reaccess the budget, and where high costs could be cut, particularly publications. With such a small nonprofit organization, I urge all members to support some expenditure reductions so that dues are not raised and we do not get caught in the rising costs. It will be interesting to learn how much lower the cost of the new, slimmer quarterly is than the previous one. 12 pages is a lot too, probably unnecessary; let’s cut back to 8. Let’s be thrifty. Let’s be reasonable! Members need to make sure they see copies of the treasurer’s report in order to evaluate this situation in these grave economic times.

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