Annual Autumn Paint-Out at The Morton Arboretum, Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There’s no place like The Morton Arboretum in autumn, and members of the Nature Artists’ Guild will be celebrating the season with their annual autumn paint-out on the morning of Tuesday, October 14, 2014 from about 9 am until noon.  Our artists will meet at Lake Marmo, where they will be greeted with gorgeous reflections of changing leaves and possibly a squirrel or two, hard at work.

The trees will be in their full autumn splendor, and we can almost count on a slight nip in the air.  Bring your chair, your warm beverage, your art supplies, and your camera, as you join your fellow Nature Artists’ Guild artists at this wonderful  gathering.   If you don’t feel like drawing or painting, leave your art supplies at home and just come to sit back and enjoy the view as we celebrate autumn!

There is no need to RSVP, but please feel free to contact Carol Jean Rogalski if you have any questions.  Nature Artists’ Guild members will find Carol Jean’s contact information in their Yearbook.

Presentation by Glass Artist Paul Messink on October 2, 2014

Please join the Nature Artists’ Guild on Thursday, October 2, 2014 from 7 until 9 pm at Thornhill for a unique and fascinating presentation by glass artist Paul Messink.

In his Artist Statement, Paul explains that he creates “hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that exhibit nature in deep dimension, presenting natural objects around us in a new way”.   He goes on to describe his technique:  “By using only enamel applied by hand, I create depth using several techniques:  layering, diminishing size and color, texture, and translucence.

To view Paul’s wonderfully ethereal artwork, please visit his website. by clicking here.   In the section entitled “Foggy Trees 1″,  Paul states that “Looking at nature for inspiration, I create scenes which often include bare trees.  I like bare trees because of their minimalism, and because they reveal a great deal of character.”   Paul’s Trees in Twilight, shown below, was recently honored with ” Best in Show” at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis, IN.

As always, guests and visitors are welcome to attend the Nature Artists’ Guild’s formal meetings.  There is no entrance fee or charge for parking.  Visitors can just let the gate attendant at The Morton Arboretum know they are there to attend the presentation.

Trees in Twilight, 13.5 x 16.5 inches (including stand), copyright Paul Messink

Trees in Twilight, 13.5 x 16.5 inches (including stand), copyright Paul Messink


“Royal Paintbox” on WTTW this Sunday, September 14, 2014

This coming Sunday and Monday, local PBS station, WTTW, will be airing a special that may be of interest to many nature artists. “Set against the spectacular landscapes of Balmoral, Birkhall, Highgrove, Windsor Castle, Frogmore and Osborne House and containing insights into works by members of The Royal Family down the centuries and The Prince of Wales’s own watercolours, ROYAL PAINTBOX explores a colourful palette of intimate family memory and observation.”

Please click on this link to WTTW to read more about Royal Paintbox.  Thank you, Carol Jean Rogalski, for bringing this to our attention!

The 2014 Nature Artists’ Guild Scarecrow is Sure To Bring a Smile!

The planning meeting for the 2014 Nature Artists’ Guild’s contribution to The Morton Arboretum’s annual Scarecrow Trail went very well, with all kinds of creative ideas bouncing around.  The winning idea is to construct not an actual scarecrow, but a portrait of a scarecrow, in a very recognizable pose!

Members of the Nature Artists’ Guild are invited to show up to Room A of Thornhill, next Saturday morning, September 13, 2014, between 9 am and noon to help with the construction.  Most of the work will involve painting with acrylics, so wear some old clothes and bring your old tubes or jars of acrylic paint and large brushes if you have them.  If you don’t have any, please come anyway, as there will surely be extra supplies.

If you have any questions or want more details about this fun project, please contact Patty Koenigsaecker.  Members will find Patty’s contact information in their Yearbook.

You can view some of our previous scarecrows (such as Betty Birdwatcher, Patty Painter, Suzy Sketcher) by typing in the word “scarecrow” in the Search box in the right column of this blog.

2014 Nature Artists' Guild Scarecrow.  Drawing by Patty Koenigsaecker.

2014 Nature Artists’ Guild Scarecrow. Drawing by Patty Koenigsaecker.

How About Those Dahlias!

Thanks to Suzanne Wegener, Carol Jean Rogalski and Mary Jo Sinclair for sharing these photos from the recent Nature Artists’ Guild paint-out at Catherine Donovan’s garden. The garden was beautiful, and how about those dahlias!  Thank you so much, Catherine, for sharing your lovely garden with the Nature Artists’ Guild.

You can click on any image to enlarge it or to start a slide show of all the images.  Enjoy!


The Private Garden of Tanner Musso, September 9, 2014

On the morning of Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from 9 am until noon, Nature Artists’ Guild members will have an opportunity to paint, sketch and photograph from the private garden of Tanner Musso, 242 East 3rd Street, Hinsdale, IL.Tanner Musso's Garden

Tanner’s beautifully artistic garden includes a pond, antique planters, benches, and garden accessories, as well as trees, shrubs and flowers that line the many paths that lead to “garden rooms”. How intriguing!  You can see more photos of Tanner’s garden on her Pinterest board, “My Garden”, by clicking here.

Please contact Carol Jean Rogalski if you would like to attend.  Nature Artists’ Guild members will find Carol Jean’s contact information in their Yearbook.  This is the last “garden” paint-out of 2014 (our last paint-out of the year will take place in October at The Morton Arboretum).  Thank you, Carol Jean, for arranging the opportunities for our members to experience some of the most beautiful gardens in the area this year!

An Evening of Learning and Laughs

The 2014 Nature Artists’ Guild “Artist Trio” evening was a huge success!  Three wonderfully talented artist members of the Guild shared many of their artistic trials, tips and techniques.

Peggy McGahan shared some great new ideas for livening up watercolors, Mary Ann Jimenez showed us the fascinating art of Metalpoint, and Charlotte Doyle Leavitt created a fresh, lively watercolor collage inspired by paintings and objects from a recent seaside vacation.

Thank you, Gail Diedrichsen and Carol Jean Rogalski, for sharing these photos.

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